How To Add Pops Of Color To Monotonous Living Room Furniture Sets

A single color palette is a good option when it comes to designing your living room and aiming for an elegant, simple setup. A monochromatic color scheme gives you freedom to play with different shades and tones, deviating from the original color as much as you like. Still, sometimes this is not enough for your lively spirit and cheerful style, and that is exactly when when monochromatic living room furniture sets become monotonous. The best solution is to add pops of color to freshen the atmosphere, but this job can prove to be a little daunting at the beginning. You still have to look for decoration and pieces of furniture which blend beautifully with the environment and complement the other furnishings. In fact, you may fall into the temptation of mixing too many discordant patterns and hues, but be careful. This may create an unfriendly environment, which gives no visual pleasure whatsoever. Take a look at these wonderful ideas which may give you some inspiration on how to play with colors for an appealing living room setup.
Hints of coral and lime
One of the most common living room furniture sets widely featured at living room furniture sets and other furniture stores, comes in shades of beige and white. In a living room where almost every piece of furniture is white, a splash of color is more than welcome. Choose some hints of coral and lime for your decorative items and bring some black or grey accents for balance. A dark wood floor is a great way to bring deep hues into the environment. While the white furniture adds visual warmth to the space and the pops of color fill it with joy, the dark accents bring the much needed tranquility.
Colors everywhere
Yes, you can afford to go a little crazy with colors if you like. Overusing different hues does not necessarily stand for a chaotic layout; if you do not lose control, of course. We would advise you to use, for instance, a flower pattern. It can stand out on some fabulous curtains, to beautifully dress up the pale walls and act as a powerful design statement. You can go even further by playing with flower patterns and choose a similar one on your sofa’s pillows, or on the carpet. And you know what will also work wonderfully? An upholstered ottoman, all flower-power! Do not be afraid of mixing different patterns as long as they stick to the same color scheme. They will complement the solid, neutral living room furniture sets, together creating a stable, unique layout. Just remember to evenly distribute the patterns. Do not neglect one part of the room, using just the other part. You should spread color everywhere, with a dose of modesty.
A wall-to-wall bookcase
It might seem hard to believe that by simply adding some bookcase shelves, your living room will look completely different. But it is not as unbelievable as it seems. Think about all the beautiful colored books you are hiding in some cabinets or units where they cannot show off and shine as they are supposed to. Instead of tucking away their covers, make them more visible. A wall-to-wall bookcase is an astonishing idea to add some color to the room. Dostoyevsky and Stendhal will do the rest.
Neutral living room furniture sets with a splash of color
Neutral furnishing tones are a great backdrop for a vivacious layout, because they go well with any splash of color you fancy. While some people think these are too condensed and monotone, others prefer them because these shades are a confirmation of elegance and simplicity. Either way, neutral color schemes do not have to be boring, on the contrary! You can create a stylish and beautiful living room if you just add a special piece of furniture to stand out of the crowd. A beautiful rocking chair, for example, can become a powerful focal point. The rocking chair already asks for attention, but if you choose cheerful upholstery for it, your heart will melt in a second.
Keep a balance
Sometimes, less is more. Bright, bold colors make a beautiful pair with mild neutrals, so try to keep it in mind when decorating your living room. Strong accents of spring green, lemon or hot pink, for instance, go wonderfully over a neutral basis. Imagine two grey chairs, one brown sofa, dark wood floors, a black, stylish floor lamp with pops of daring colors on the curtains, pillows, decoration, and carpet. Looks delightful!
Another way to create balance is to combine two main hues sprinkled evenly around the room. Any trick would work if it creates a visually attractive space. For instance, you can use two different colored decorative items symmetrically nestled for visual stimulation. A nice, tempered yellow painting placed just above the sofa goes wonderfully with the olive green pillows. This amazing duo almost screams “look at me” when you enter the room.
Color in the accessories
The neutral color palette is vast and beautiful; plus, not everything has to revolve around white, beige or grey, although we admit that this is the easiest way. Instead, go for an imposing tobacco brown fireplace, a soft brown sofa, and a white coffee table; just keep it together and create a whole look. Make the space stand out by using colorful accessories, a beautiful, stylish painting, plants, and other details to warm up the room. Furthermore, this is a nice setup which allows you to be creative. There is no color limiting to some few key accessories; instead, you can afford to slightly exaggerate with almost any color combination you love.
Deep red coffee table
A coffee table can turn out to be the center of attraction in your living room. Of course, this happens almost all the time, considering its purpose; but, by popping it against a neutral living room furniture set, it will definitely stand out. Our suggestion would be to use a deep red shade to create a glamorous look.
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The Trendiest Living Room Furniture Sets Of 2016

Beautiful blending, a rustic touch, a splash of gold – here are a few of the stylish trends of 2016. This year, you have so many amazing living room furniture sets to choose from that you will definitely go home with one of them. This room can turn out to be very beautiful if you choose the right items that are both utilitarian and trendy. Get inspiration from these gorgeous ideas!

Rustic living room furniture sets
In 2016, the rustic appeal remains one of the designers’ favorite trends. All your staple items – the sofa, the coffee table, the TV stand beautifully work together around a focal point, usually a fireplace. The beauty of rustic lies in its natural elements. The high ceilings, the bursts of light, the cozy, earthy textures, these are all parts of an amazing setting that seems to withstand time, remaining fashionable as the years go by. Plus, you can create a beautiful balance between the simplicity of this style and the refinement of a modern look. One item is enough to make the transition from rustic to modern smooth, but noticeable. For instance, choose a stylish focal point, such as a pendant light with sleek lines, to illuminate the room ()you can find plenty of such lighting fixtures at ). This will create a chic appearance.

Gold is treasure
Living room furniture sets with a sprinkle of gold are more than welcome this year. If you want to achieve elegance at its peak, consider inserting some tawny pieces of furniture or decorative items. If this is all new for you, take it slow. Just use some details in your living room, such as a golden side table or a metallic insert in your TV stand, and — maybe — a golden chandelier. A simple touch is enough to bring a luxurious style to your space of entertainment.

Black and white
They do not call “black and white” the timeless color combination for no reason. A sleek and modern look embraces this perfect duo once again, so the monochrome palette remains one of the top choices in 2016 living room design. When refurnishing, there is no need to purchase more than one black item, for it is a strong shade with a powerful visual impact. Unless you want an extra sober layout, of course.

Flower Power
2016 is undoubtedly the year of extremes in interior design. From gold to black and white and flower patterns – it has it all. So this year, when choosing living room furniture sets, you will have an abundance of options to choose from, and still stay in fashion. Although every year a new pattern is at the high peak of fashion, flowers seem to have something special. In 2016, flower patterns are some of the trendiest ways to give personality to your home. Extremely chic, with a note of romance, this pattern has that wow effect your living room deserves. Either you choose to blossom peonies on your walls or thrive daisies on your sofa or cushions, you cannot go wrong! Another excellent and creative idea is to paint your coffee table top with a floral, rustic motif. This will surely be a statement piece that will make a good impression.

However, if you only like to admire flowers in the garden, you can still create a chic look by using a sweet combination of colors (coral and navy blue look fantastic, green and gold also blends beautifully, so do the pops of citrus).

Purple sofa, gray wallpaper
This is a dramatic combination that is certainly not for everyone. But if you are daring enough, you will fall in love with this elegant interior every time you step into your living room. Bold and powerful hues are the top choice of interior designers in 2016. Decorate your living room with style and play with strong colors, such as black, deep blue, dark red or green. Here is a good idea: combine a purple sofa, which makes a powerful focal point, with a gray wallpaper to temper a little the daring character of purple. Dramatic is on the crest of a wave!

Scandinavian living room
While some of the hottest trends this year are brand new, others are an extension of the previous 12 months, such as the Scandinavian look. Go further and try to combine the protagonist colors of 2016, pink and blue, with this unique design. They look fantastic with this chic style, as popular this year as it was the last one. This is great news if you do not like any of the bold options described above. Pastel hues are not only trendy, but they also look so vivid and airy in small living rooms. Besides, pink and blue are easy to combine and make a part of your decoration theme. A gray, simple sofa and a TV stand with pink or navy details complement each other perfectly, creating a serene atmosphere.

A sustainable design looks fantastic in your living room. This year, recycling is the key, and it was successfully adopted by interior designers. There are plenty of ways to create an eco-friendly environment. This kind of lifestyle is often reflected in the inteior design, and this year, it is particularly in vogue. You might think it is a tough job to insert nature into your living room but think twice. For instance, you can create a pleasing ambiance by choosing a raw wood coffee table or highlighting the wooden beam in the ceiling. Organic decorations are also desirable. A crafty, planet-friendly side table made of recycled material is a great choice. Add small green details to the furniture and decoration, and you got yourself a beautiful environment.

Combine different textures
A good mixture of textures makes the living room more inviting and sophisticated. One of the trendiest living room furniture sets of 2016 is created by beautifully blending different materials. Upholstered armchairs, a leather sofa, and some soft cushions are a beautiful match. Choose the fabrics you are going to use for decoration wisely. Fur and velvets are the real stars this year, so be sure you combine them with the layout.

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Living Room Furniture Sets In Rustic Style: Quick Décor Tips

The very world we live in merges people with different cultural backgrounds together in one wholesome unity. Every single individual brings new and unique elements to this broad diversity that has manifested itself in various ways. One of many byproducts of this great and colorful palette are interior design themes. Although, everything may seem straightforward and coherent, the reality is much different. Some interior design themes, such as a rustic one, are threatened by new artificial mass production that has forgotten the simplicity of living in coexistence with nature. Finding rustic inspired furniture in this estranged environment is a quest on its own. Because of this exact issue, designing your home in such way requires precise attention and care that many people find tiresome. If you are stuck in the creative process, no worries, you are in the right place. This article will give you quick décor tips and few innovative ideas on how to find living room furniture sets in rustic style.
Characteristics of rustic style
Home designed and inspired by rustic principles may resemble one that our ancestors lived in. The similarity is there because this interior theme embraces nature in its full capacity. When looking for suitable rustic inspired living room furniture sets and décor, pay attention to the materials, colors, and designs. If those elements go hand in hand with nature and don’t contradict the simplicity of older days, then, you are on the right path to finding perfectly suitable furnishing for your living room.
Where to find rustic furnishing
As we said before, interior design industries tend to give greater attention to modern and contemporary furnishing lines. It is more likely to find your perfect rustic living room furniture set in online stores like living room furniture sets than in your local interior design stores. Even more fertile options are yard sales and second-hand stores, where they offer supply that was previously owned by our grand, grandparents. These markets offer high quality and inexpensive items. With such customer friendly offers, you will easily design your living room, without spending too much money. We encourage you to go on furniture hunting spree and explore the possibilities.
Living room furniture sets as decor elements
Rustic living room furniture sets are well known for their detailed sculpture. A benefit of owning slowly and precisely constructed furnishing is multi-purpose usage. Accent furniture that has hand-carved floral patterns can freely act as a décor element. We also advise you to purchase a furniture set that includes a log sofa. Log sofas embrace their raw natural appearance that complements exposed wood support beams. By placing few rocking chairs next to it, you will give your home the feel of welcoming coziness. You can also elevate your settee arrangement by placing a tree stump coffee table in the middle. Such bold and heavy statement piece will instantly give your room an eye-catching look. Yes, finding rustic furniture that perfectly fits your home may be a challenging task, but remember, the end results are much worth it.
Easily accessible décor
To accessorize your rustic living room furniture sets, purchase décor that resembles natural and worn out look. Colors that are found in nature, such as different shades of brown, red, orange and yellow, are very well welcome in such environment. Items that remind us of past times where technology wasn’t present, will also effortlessly fit your chosen interior theme. First décor idea that can easily elevate the appearance of those empty walls requires a rustic clock made of battered looking wood. To further enhance your walls, hang few small landscape pictures bordered with rustic frames relatively close to each other. The central settlement will give your room a picturesque appearance. You can also decorate your accent cupboard by placing newly purchased lanterns, and few rose and pumpkin spice scented candles on top of it. When lighting them up, you will instantly fill your room with dim and mysterious atmosphere. For even further enhancement, buy a rusty iron chandelier and faux fur carpet. It is simple and easy. By putting your personal taste and decorating skills to use, you can turn your before dull living room into the most desirable place on Earth.
All about repurposing
To achieve that genuine and incomparable rustic environment, focus on the art of repurposing and reusing. There is no better way to achieve the desired rustic appearance than to put those aged and dusty objects hidden in your basement, attic and garage, back to use. Who would have thought that your very own home hides an undiscovered treasure? If you found an old metal bucket in your basement, don’t throw it away. Embellish your living room furniture set by placing it on top of your floating shelf. Another quick tip that will give your room a pop of color is to plant lavender or violets into old ceramic planters and place them onto window ledge. If you feel like your room needs even more charisma, wash that hand-woven Pendleton quilt that you found in the back of your closed up. You can either place it on your sofa or even hang it on the empty wall. Other items that may seem useless, but priceless when placed in rich environment, are hot coal iron, carriage wheel, wicker basket, bird cage, wooden spoons, etc.
DIY décor ideas
If you are a creative individual, spread your horizon and let your living room be a tempting canvas. Simply said, with just a few skills and innovative DIY ideas you can create your very own rustic décor. First, quick ideas require no time at all. Next time you roam through the thick meadow, pick a generous bouquet of spring flowers. Tie your plants together in a beautiful bunch. Hang it on the wall and, over the course of time, it will turn into a beautiful dried flower arrangement. Another simple DIY project you can turn into a reality requires four thick branches. By securing them together in a rectangular or square shape, you will create a beautiful rustic frame. If you have lots of free time on your hands, you can also indulge in more demanding project, such as creating wooden footstool, a ladder, or a bird house. If you are worried that you don’t have enough creative skills, no worries, there are plenty of guiding videos on the internet you can learn from.

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High Gloss Living Room Furniture Sets: Give The Room A Shiny Look

Generally, a living room accommodates furnishings ideal for relaxing, especially created to make the atmosphere as pleasing and inviting as it can get. Sure, more than often, this room also becomes a demonstration of high-style and fashion. Which is why the living room is most definitely the best place to impress your guests, and there are plenty of ways to do so. Besides decoration, there are living room furniture sets that speak for themselves. These furniture units are full of personality and extremely glamorous. A simple piece can change the entire layout, add a little individuality and charm to the room. Get your inspiration from these beautiful ideas of high gloss living room furniture sets which will give your space a sleek touch.
Leather sofa for a stylish look
If you have enough space to play with, you can turn your living room into a fantastic place. Extremely impressive, an L-shaped sofa made of dark brown leather is definitely a statement piece. Pair it with a simple, sleek coffee table and a compact piano in the corner to create a graceful layout. Make the most of the natural light and underline the windows with nice, flowing curtains. Paint your walls in warm beige to enhance the feeling of comfort. This is no doubt a gorgeous setup which revolves around the leather sofa, but you can play with patterns and colors to match your personality.
White living room furniture sets
Mixing different shades of white is the ultimate sophistication for your living room. White offers an elegant appearance, without making the room seem gloomy. The chalky hues look fantastic in an elegant environment: a cloudy eggshell sofa combined with a delicate ivory rug and shiny baby powder wallpaper – these are the perfect ingredients for a glamorous layout. The secret to the success of your room is a splash of color which can come from any piece of furniture you fancy or, even better, from decoration. Maybe you can pair two cozy green or purple ottomans or hang a flower painting on a wall (now that flower power is a statement pattern of the year).
Focal point: glass coffee table
A beautiful glass coffee table looks extremely sleek and modern and you can turn it into a statement piece. While you can opt for different living room furniture sets to meet your style, if you want to impress, you should definitely keep in mind a nice, bright coffee table made of glass. To add a hint of glamour, pick a model which blends with steel – glass and metal go together like coffee and milk (check out living room furniture sets for vast choice of models). Pair it with a white couch and a cheerful rug and add some color with orange cushions and other details to give a one-of-a-kind look to your living room.
Fireplace TV stand
For a modern, sleek appearance, choose a design element which will catch the eye. A fireplace TV stand is definitely one of the best choices to do that – combining two outstanding units is a fantastic idea when you want your living room to be out of the ordinary. The result is an aesthetic piece of furniture with a lot of personality and a design to match your style. A fireplace TV stand will add some magic to your living room space.
Lacquer wall units
A well organized living room draws attention towards decoration, giving your guests time to enjoy the beautiful and comfortable furnishings. High gloss wall units are extremely useful. Not only do they add a touch of refinement to the room, but also cleverly disguise any objects you want to hide from sight. Since you would want furnishing with clean lines in your living room, the most suitable options are lacquer wall mounted units. You can find versatile designs which will allow you to arrange your favorite items any way you like; for instance, you might want to hide some objects, while others, such as souvenirs or photo frames, look better on display, acting as decor elements.
Remember, creating a smart wall storage system in your living room saves you a lot of floor space, which you can use for other furniture units.
Contemporary freshness
Add a splash of color into a neutral colored living room by choosing one striking, large piece of furniture. For instance, instead of going for a neutral sofa, bring a cheerful upholstered version and turn it into the main attraction of the room. Or, even better, change the tapestry of your old sofa; this way, you will redecorate and save money at the same time. If you ask us, we would choose a large, soft pink sofa (or any bold hue whatsoever, depending on your taste), a glass coffee table on a rug with geometrical pattern and an impressive white floor lamp. This is a great picture of an eclectic living room.
Clean lines and black furnishings
They say orange is the new black, but nothing compares to the elegance of a sleek, dark shade in your house, particularly in the living room. Add a one-of-a-kind decorative touch by using modern lighting fixtures to enhance the elegance of this always trendy hue. A stunning black leather sofa adds all the glamour to the space, while all the other furnishings orbit around it. Make a perfect pair with white items such as a glossy lacquer TV stand and a wooden side table, and choose black and white stripes for a beautiful, luxuriant wallpaper. Moreover, instead of going for space-hungry armchairs, we would suggest two discreet ottomans which can double duty as a coffee table as well.
However, if the classy black and white combination is not appealing to you, then combine different shades of red, for instance. Red goes fantastic with black, creating a combination which catches the eye for sure. Remember, you do not necessarily have to use black as a leitmotif, if it is too much for your taste; you can add it in the details or simply choose one piece of furniture as a focal point.
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Reasons To Get Living Room Furniture Sets In Genuine Wood

With a little creativity, your house can look sparkling and inviting. The living room is, above all, the place where you want a welcoming atmosphere, a serene and charming setup for your family to relax and friends to entertain. That is why you must find living room furniture sets which best fulfil your needs, keeping a high-style at the same time. Wood furniture meets both modern and traditional tastes, it is strong, it stands the test of time – and these are just some of the many reasons why it is worthy to be mentioned. Even though you have so many options to choose from, wood has remained a staple material when it comes to furniture. Here are some more ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’ to beautify your living room with wooden furniture.

Wood is naturally strong
Living room furniture set made of genuine wood will be a reliable partner for years to come. You can choose from a great variety of wood types, each with its special properties. For instance, pine is easy to carve, since it is relatively soft; cherry ages beautifully and it looks fantastic; while oak is very strong, so you know you will not change the furniture any time soon. All in all, any kind of wood you choose will definitely prove to be a great investment, since you will not have to make a replacement in the near future.

Living room furniture sets made of wood are both modern and rustic
Wooden furniture looks so beautiful in your living room, especially since wood is so versatile. Combine it with different modern materials, such as steel, glass or leather, and you will have a stylish, contemporary layout. Keep it raw and clean, and you can create a beautiful traditional setup. Plus, you can add a touch of individuality by simply painting your wooden furniture. Wood looks delightful both in its natural shade or with a dash of color, so it is entirely up to you. For example, you can create a beautiful unique piece out of an old coffee table. Just paint it in your favorite color or choose a hue that fits room layout. Better still, you can create an outstanding traditional motif to make your new coffee table a statement piece. Either way, wood is easy to play with, so you will end up with a charming arrangement, appealing to the eye and full of warmth.

Wood is planet-friendly
Not only is wood harmless for the environment, but this eco friendly style is one of the trendiest designs of 2016. So bringing nature closer can only be a fashionable choice which will stay with you for years to come. The best part so far? Wood will always be one of the designers’ the top choices since it is an everlasting material. So do not worry that it will go out of fashion any time soon.

Outstanding focal point
Living room furniture sets made of wood blend beautifully in the décor. Since wood looks so nice in its natural state, you can easily create a focal point out of any furniture piece. For instance, a beautifully carved coffee table made of mahogany can make a good impression; its deep red tint and authenticity are very appealing, and they work great in an elegant living room.

A smart investment
Solid wood furniture is by far one of the worthiest investments you can make. Even if you could end up paying a considerable price for a good furniture set, it will prove to be a smart purchase, and you will reap the benefits a couple of years later. Wood is resilient and is reputable for its long use, so it will be a long time before you can think of changing the environment.

Beauty and quality
One of the most appreciated qualities of wood is undeniably its strength. Furniture manufacturers often use wood because of its resilience and durability. Buying a living room furniture set made of wood will prove to be a long-lasting investment which can last for generations. Plus, this does not mean that you will have to sacrifice style for endurance – quite on the contrary. Wooden furniture can be extremely fashionable, and it adds character to the room. Imagine how beautiful a wall bookcase, an upholstered armchair with storage space underneath, or a gorgeous tabouret table would look in your living room!

Easy to clean
Wood is easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a dry cloth and a wood cleaner to keep the dust away. Just swipe the surface regularly and do not allow moisture or dust to settle into the furniture. That is all.

Unique pieces of furniture
Basically, any piece of wooden furniture you choose for your living room will have its unique features, and even better, almost any manufacturer is able to create the model you like, according to your personal preferences. Therefore, depending on your style, a wood craftsman will dedicate his time and talent to meet your requests. And, even if you choose to buy furniture directly from stores like living room furniture sets, you will still have so many options to choose from – a living proof to wood’s versatility.

Wood comes with health benefits
Wooden furnishings have proven to be beneficial to human health. Many studies show that the presence of wood in any room has a positive effect on our psychological state. It has been compared with the time spent outdoors – the warmth of wood increases positive thinking, and it is contributory for meditation. Not to mention that it is also appreciated for improving the quality of air and reducing stress.

Give it a second chance
What is absolutely great about wooden furniture is that it can have multiple uses over time, serving different needs. You can give it a second chance or even a third one if you like. Its strength and versatility makes it easy to remodel. By simply painting or sanding it, you can create a brand new piece of furniture, changing its look completely.

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How To Choose Living Room Furniture Sets For Large Rooms

Living in the home that fulfills your dreams and needs is a goal of each and everyone one of us. Some people prefer smaller and cozier environment and other larger and spacious one. And when it comes to designing the interior of your living room, the process always demands close attention and creativeness, regardless of the actual size of your room. It is true that furnishing industries tend to concentrate and give greater attention to the production of furniture that best fits the larger living areas. If you are looking forward to decorating your large living room, you will have an advantage on your hands because of the diverse interior lines that online stores offer. Remember, that this great and colorful palette of décor can also become your worst obstacle. Overwhelming choices can cause the creative indecisiveness. If you found yourself burdened by this very issue, you are in the right place. This article will offer you new ideas on how to choose living room furniture sets for large rooms.

Smart and organized planning
Having a spacious living room gives you an excellent platform for creative engaging. Just because the place offers lots of space doesn’t mean you should equip it in the unorganized, uncontrolled and cluttered way. The minimalistic approach is usually the wisest and most reliable way of decorating. Smaller rooms require living room furniture sets in lighter colors, such as white, silver, and beige. These colors easily fool the eye by creating the illusion of bigger space. When furnishing the large room, you can neglect lighter shades and choose more daring and bolder ones without the fear of creating a cluttered and shrunken environment. Colors, such as black, various shades of gray, red, blue, etc. are most welcome. Instead of painting your walls in monotone white color, paint them in daring hues; just make sure your living room doesn’t become a colorful mess. Regardless of the size, every room should also have a free source of natural light because the dim darkness will not only cut away few inches from your room dimensions but also create a moody atmosphere.

Living room furniture sets that include sofas and coffee table
If you are looking forward to decorating your large living room, purchase living room furniture sets that include a three-seat and a two-seat sofa with a matching coffee table (you can find plenty of such options in stores like living room furniture sets). You can either place those two sofas opposite each other or next to each other, forming an L-shape. By setting a style-matching coffee table in the middle, you will instantly bind every single element into an integral whole. Regardless of the composition, this exact furniture set will leave you enough space for additional accent furniture and decor. Instead of concentrating on the color of your furniture set, focus on the materials. You can easily give your room a spark of edginess by purchasing leather or suede settees. Instead of furniture sets that include hardwood coffee table, buy collections that come with metal or glass models. Just follow your personal taste and chosen interior design theme to quickly turn your dull living room into the most desirable place on Earth.

Sofa in combination with armchairs and ottomans
Previously mentioned furnishing idea is ideal for large rooms. You can easily create different versions of it by changing particular furniture pieces with similar models. Instead of buying living room furniture sets that include two sofas, check out collections that offer a three-seat sofa, a couple of armchairs, and an accent ottoman. Sofas usually look solid and compact. To get rid of this stiff appearance, place two color matching armchair and an ottoman opposite the classic sofa. With this arrangement, you will instantly ‘liberate’ your room by giving it free and independent vitality.

Corner sofas and sectional sofas
Most local interior design stores and online stores offer a vast range of different living room furniture sets you can choose from. The most reliable option, when furnishing large rooms, is to buy a set that comes with a corner sofa or a sectional sofa. These two exceptional choices will economically fill your room. By purchasing a corner sofa, you will easily give those empty room corners some purpose. Because of the spaciousness of the area, you can also place your chosen settee in the middle of the room and divide the area into two smaller zones with different purposes. Let the longer back of your sofa act as a partition. This way, you will create one room section that is meant for socializing, and use another one however you want – either as a personal library, media center, or small art gallery. Buying a sectional sofa that is U-shaped can be even a better choice. Because sectional sofas come in bigger dimensions, they easily center even most ample environment, instantly giving it a comforting nest appearance and a much-needed feel of coziness.

TV stands and accent furniture
So far we have only talked about settee department. Living room furniture sets can also include TV stands, cupboards, bookshelves, and other accent furniture. With the advantage of having a spacious living room, you can easily incorporate these items into your home without cluttering it. Nowadays, modern TV stands embrace minimalistic and contemporary style. With such full-of-character furniture, you won’t be spending much money on any additional décor. If you divided your large living room into few smaller sections, and you haven’t figured out their purpose yet, invest in the avant-garde bookshelf to create your very own reading area. You can also create a media center, by purchasing modern accent display stand for storing all your video games and consoles.

Lower price is the best advice
Furnishing a large living room can aggressively burden one’s pocket. Large rooms require more furniture and, therefore, more money. Instead of worrying about the total cost of your
living room furniture sets and décor, focus on tracing those customer-friendly days that offer sales, discounts, and purchase deals at furniture stores like . With some persistence, you will save an enormous amount of money.

How To Create Contrast With Living Room Furniture Sets

One of the most fashionable trends today is using contrasts in the interior. There are four main methods to create contrasts in the decor setting: color, texture, shapes and designs. All of them are widely used in different rooms and for different purposes. Contrasting colors is the most popular approach. A carefully chosen contrast can significantly transform the atmosphere in a room and make its décor exclusive. In the living room, the most traditional room, on the one hand, and the most multifunctional, on the other, contrast can be created in many different ways. Knowing how to create contrast with living room furniture sets, you can make the best of your living room décor, embodying any design ideas you like. There are only a few tips you need to keep in mind.

Background examples
Before you buy furniture, choose the color of the walls. The variety of options is simply astonishing. We offer you to consider a couple of uncommon colors. Gray, for example, is one of the most stylish wall paint shades these days. There were times when this color was considered boring and lifeless. Now, attitudes have changed mainly because of using contrasts in the décor. Gray works great with other colors. Gray floor and walls are an ideal background for almost any décor style. Different shades allow you to zone the space and make an emphasis on certain elements you want to highlight. Gray is neutral and does not draw too much attention, so your guests can focus on more interesting things: for example a living room furniture set, which should be the main focus of attraction.

General tips on creating contrast in the living room
All in all, you can choose any wall color you like. You only need to determine which shades you plan to work with. Do not use more than three colors in the same room. Select the first primary color of the interior, and remember that it the dominant color does not necessarily mean the wall color. If for example, you living room furniture set is designed in the same shade, this color can easily become your dominant one. There are no rigid guidelines on choosing the dominant decor hue — just your taste and intuition. After choosing the primary color, pick up additional shades. A successful color blend presupposes several harmonizing or contrasting shades. The combination of black and white is one of the most common solutions. Red is the perfect addition to the monochrome theme, reducing the tension in your living room.

Single color living room furniture sets
When you have chosen the color scheme you want to create, you can start looking for living room furniture sets. A single color furniture set is only one of the options, as contrasting collections are also available in stores like living room furniture sets . As opposed to other types of furniture sets, living room sets finished in natural colors are not considered to be the best alternative. The main colors used for those are black (or brown) and white. But of course, natural colors have their pros, too. In eco style, for example, they can be used as the embodiment of purity that will give your home a unique atmosphere of comfort and make your living room a cozier place.

Black living room furniture sets
Black sets will add to light background and help create a stylish modern décor. The main problem of a dark furniture set is that it makes the room visually smaller. If your living room is not large, maybe, you should reconsider your choice of the color pattern. If all the other design elements are chosen unwisely, the room can look too strict. Besides, as surprising as it sounds, any dirt or dust is seen more clearly on black than on light colors. This is not a minor problem because dust tends to come back in the most inappropriate moment. Like when you are having guests, for example.

Light living room furniture sets
White is the universal color for anything in your living room décor. It can be combined with all other shades. A white furniture set looks great not just in contrast with black, but also with green, pink, purple, blue, and other wall hues. The advantage of white and other light-colored living room furniture sets is that they visually increase space and create a feeling of lightness and freedom. So, this is a great solution for small spaces.

Combination of colors in a living room furniture set
Living room furniture sets are great décor elements to experiment with contrasts because they include several furniture units, varying in width, depth, and height. In such a set, a low-standing cabinet can be combined with a high bookcase, which gives us a size contrast. As for colors, there is a great variety of options, too. Alongside with monochrome models, there are living room furniture sets finished in two or more shades. Following the most popular color pattern, you can choose a black and white furniture set and additionally contrast it with red walls. This combination is always up-to-date, as it emphasizes a delicate taste of the owner. Plus, it is so easy to work with. You can create a similar effect using the contrast of other dark and light colors. Any part of the furniture set can be dark: separate shelves, cabinets, doors, cabinet sides, and even handles. Contrasting living room furniture sets look stylish with gray, dark green, and brown walls.

The living room is the central room in any home, so the choice of furniture plays an important role in creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere. Using contrasts in the living room décor is the best way to create charming accents. A living room furniture set used for this purpose can significantly transform the interior in something particularly fresh. It will also underline the owner’s personality. The sky is the limit for your creativity, but while mixing different colors remember our tips for creating contrast with living room furniture sets. Final word of advice, while shopping – laways stick to reputable stores like .

How To Choose Living Room Furniture Sets For Small Rooms

Every single individual is different and so are our preferences. Some people prefer smaller and cozier home over larger and spacious one. Interior design industries tend to concentrate and give greater attention to the production of bulkier furniture that fits only space generous households. Because of this exact circumstance, furnishing smaller rooms can turn into a challenging and time-consuming process. Finding the right balance between room’s potential and contemporariness is an art on its own. Remember that limited space doesn’t limit your creative mind. If you found yourself stuck in creative chaos and if you are in need of helpful guidelines, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with innovative ideas on how to choose living room furniturliving room furniture setse sets for small rooms.

Smart and organized planning
When planning the interior of your living room, you need to take into consideration different elements and factors that could either ruin or uplift the appearance of this most frequently used living area. Let the wise and space economical approach be your number one priority. Bulky, heavy and clumsy living room furniture sets are not ideal for small environments. Such furnishing will instantly crowd the already modest space, leaving you with the platform on which you can’t be mobile. The aggressive interior that isn’t coexistent with the overall scenery can paralyze each and every one of us with the feeling of entrapment. Not only the size, but also the color, and the design of your interior are essential. Lighter colors, such as white, silver, beige and seashell, will give your room the much-needed illusion of spaciousness. These lighter shades will also give you an excellent base for further color enhancements. On the other hand, dark colors, such as black, dark gray and navy, will make your living room small and cluttered. To push your room’s potential even further, paint the walls in white or ivory color and make sure your room has a generous source of sunlight.

Various types of living room furniture sets
Every local onsite and online store like can offer the great palette of living room furniture sets. These sets merge different accent pieces into a harmonious marriage that embraces particular interior design theme. Buying furniture in a separately sometimes requires unnecessary attention and calls for inspiration. On the other hand, purchasing pre-arranged sets gives you a reliable and trustworthy platform for designing your living room in a beautiful manner. Living rooms don’t necessary come as a separate room. Modern apartments often provide open space that connects kitchen, dining area and living room area into a homogenous environment. Whether your home layout features the first option or second one, you can easily use the following tips in both cases.

Modern sofa and complementary coffee table
A typical but never disappointing furniture piece of every living room, whether it is small or big, is a sofa. Sofas are an epitome of comfort combined with practicality. When choosing the interior theme for you small room, purchase living room furniture set that includes narrow, two-seat sofa and a matching coffee table. Also don’t forget the previously mentioned importance of color coordination. Yes, sometimes white or cream colored sofas exude boring and dull appearance, but you can effortlessly elevate the look by placing a few mint or pastel colored decorative pillows on top of the sofa, or even, use lace or crochet embellished cushions to achieve the elegant and graceful look. The narrowness of the chosen settee will give you enough space for a complementary coffee table. Coffee tables with rectangular or oval tabletop are preferable because their shape doesn’t contradict dimensions of your sofa. Such tables also give you an excellent opportunity to introduce different materials to your room. Hardwood interior will fill your room with earthy sense while metal furniture – with urban and industrial mood.

Corner sofa and footstool
Sofas come in different shapes, designs and sizes. Instead of buying previously mentioned simple two-seat sofa, you can also purchase living room furniture set that includes corner sofa. Corner sofas offer an excellent opportunity to give those empty room corners some purpose. This type of settee will optimize space in your living room and create comfortable seats for you, your family and friends. Don’t feel chained to the white color. You can pick your corner sofa in any color you like, as long as it is not overpowering and gives your room the illusion of extra space. Colors such as pale blue, soft pink, crème and light gray are excellent options. Your living room furniture set may also include a footstool that will give your room a modern look while you rest your feet and watch your favorite movie.

Armchairs and glass coffee table
Various types of sofas are primary furniture examples for homes that shelter and welcome a lot of people on a daily basis. Still, living room furniture sets that come with armchairs may become another more suitable option for you. Sleek upholstery material and royal appearance will satisfy even the most demanding shopper. Two or three armchairs gathered around a modern glass coffee table will make your living room the most desirable place on Earth. Glass coffee tables are ideal for smaller rooms because the transparent material creates an illusion of empty space. Not just tables, but also other glass furniture and décor are very well welcomed and appreciated in such space limited environments.

TV stand, accent furniture and floating shelves
So far, we have only discussed the settee and table department. Some living room furniture sets available in stores like also include a TV stand and other media furniture. When it comes to embellishing your interior with additional furniture, follow your taste and the common sense. If you feel like your room is too small for a TV stand, or if you simply feel like it is an unnecessary element, you can always hang your plasma TV on the wall and buy the accent cupboard or drawer instead. Use your room space to the fullest capacity by installing always trending floating shelves on the empty walls. Floating shelves are an inexpensive and contemporary replacement for those bulky and pricey book cabinets. Store your books, décor accessories, and scented candles on the shelves and create a smooth and stylish, minimalistic interior.

Trendiest Examples Of Living Room Furniture Sets

Living room decoration is one of those furnishing stages people tend to get stuck in the most. After all, the key to successful decoration is balancing style and functionality. Even more than that, homeowners often have to balance their own interior decoration tastes with the recent designer tendencies, which is not always simple. Awkwardly shaped or small living rooms make the task even more challenging.

However, with a little bit of patience and determination, it is possible to find a perfect furniture set that will please you and impress your guests. Here, you can browse through a very impressive selection of living room furniture sets. Yet, before you do, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with some of the most popular options in the furniture market, as well as consider which of the latest interior decoration tendencies might be a perfect fit for your home.

Classic genuine wood sets that never go out of style
One of the major reasons to go with a wooden living room collection is that a set like that will never go out of style. It is true that genuine wood is back in trend right now. It also true that natural wood will always remain relevant in our interiors. If you are looking for a balance of modernity and tradition, pick something light, like ash or pine. For a more traditional look, walnut is the best decision. Still, the best wood type that will always remain a trend is oak.

Farmhouse accents as the trendiest decoration solutions
As you start searching for wooden living room furniture sets, you will notice that plenty of collections these days are designed in farmhouse style. This is a sweet decoration solution that will give any room a homey, simplistic look. However, you should still think twice before investing in rustic style furniture — after all, a trend might lose its relevance in a year or two, while classic collations will always remain fashionable.

Furniture with glass inserts to boost living room space 

While working on a small room, it is advisable to pay attention to living room furniture sets with glass inserts. First of all, the mix of glass and wood perfectly balances classic and traditional approaches to interior decoration. However, the biggest perk of going with glass furniture doors — whether it is a TV stand or a display cabinet we are talking about — is that glass visually boosts your available living room space.

Industrial inspired themes perfect for lofts and studio apartments
Sure, you will unlikely find any distinctly industrial living room furniture sets at or any other furniture store in that matter. However, if you are trying to create a loft and industrial setting in your studio apartment, you can as well go with some simplistic, retro-inspired designs. If you have a loft setting in mind, you can also look for furniture designed in several different styles — surprising fusions of designs and colours work perfectly in any loft setting.

Retro designs for those who are looking for something special
Vintage and antique interiors also deserve a shot. Sure, working on a vintage decoration scheme might be a little bit challenging, but if you make up your mind about the style, finding suitable furniture will not be a problem. One of the most time-relevant vintage trends that will remain in out interiors for a while is French cottage style. These white, intricately carved living room furniture sets, will stylishly accessorise the room without drawing too much attention to vintage elements. Mexican style furniture is another suggestion that will always remain relevant in our homes.

High gloss furniture sets for a sleek minimalistic look
High gloss living room furniture sets might not be the trendiest decoration solution this year, but they are still perfect for some modern decoration settings. High gloss can become a stylish part of a minimalistic interior: most high gloss sets feature little decoration, and the only thing that catches the eye is the sleek, shiny finish. Sometimes, a bit of rhinestone inlay, mirror or glass inserts are also quite acceptable. White is one of the most popular finishing colours when it comes to high gloss furniture, which is another reason to consider high gloss sets for a minimalistic living room.

Playing with accents to make any interior complete
Even though the choice of living room furniture sets at or any other furniture store you have in mind is the first thing to focus on while decorating, you should never underestimate the importance of interior accents. White living rooms, in particular, will benefit if you add splashes of colour to the decoration picture. For more ideas on how to cheer up an all-white living room setting, take a look at this guide.

Investing into proper lighting to highlight the new set
Finally, do not forget that lighting is a complimentary, but still an essential part of your interior. A carefully designed ceiling light, for example, can make a statement in the room. Strategically positioned task and accent light sources, will fill the room with light, drawing extra attention to some of the most important elements in your living room.

That’s pretty much it — with the information mentioned above, your search for living room furniture sets at any other platform of your choosing) will be quick and easy. The final word of advice, though, is to always focus on the quality of products you buy. This applies to any furniture you purchase, not only to living room collections. In the long run, a more expensive set proves to be a better investment: in a year or less, you will forget about the minor price difference. A more expensive set, on the other hand, will still look good years after the purchase — which is hardly ever the case with the budget, lower quality furniture.

Look at Living Room Furniture Sets Available to Give Your Living Room a New Look

Many of us if searching for new active allowance appliance would like a amalgamation accord of goods. Any affair awash in a amalgamation tends to be acutely acceptable amount for money. On the bazaar now are active allowance appliance sets, which accord you the amalgamation accord of appliance you wish at a awful affordable price. Therefore, for a almost baby outlay you can accept the analogous appliance you wish in your active room. There is a ambit of altered styles and sets accessible so there should be something to fit any room.

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If you are advantageous abundant to accept a ample active room, you could attending at on of the active allowance appliance sets that accept a coffee table, ancillary table and maybe a TV display/unit. If you do wish to add added to analogous pieces to your allowance them acceptable retailers will accept those in stock. The adorableness of affairs appliance as a set is they tend to retail at far added favourable prices than affairs the items individually. Let’s face it annihilation that saves us any money in these boxy banking times is a bonus.

Many of the active allowance appliance sets can be begin in abreast or added acceptable designs. You don’t accept to cede looks just because you are affairs analogous items. The ranges accessible are abundant searching and able-bodied priced. Coordinating the feel of your allowance can accomplish it feel cosy and able-bodied put together. It may be you can’t allow to buy the items alone and that’s why retailers are now putting key pieces calm as a set of furniture.

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